Serge Ghnassia comes from a long line of fur-makers. In 1993, his grand parents open and run a string of fur shops in Paris: the MILADY brand. In the 70s, his parents acquire a very desirable location: number 120 on the most prestigious strip in the world, the Champs-Elysées. Like its owner, the address has a history with furs, having been the location of a renowned fur shop at the start of the XX th century.

Brought up in the world of furs like others in the science of great wines or the timeless art of watchmaking, Serge Ghnassia begins his fur making apprenticeship at 14. In the backstage of his parents’ shop, he was imbued with the enriching experience of the “Chambres Maîtres” of the brand. Naturally talented, he quickly learnt the rudiments of fur sorting or the extensive work required by Mink. His sensibilities soon encompassed wonder for the colour, emotion for the feel, the texture and the density of the fur.

However his real passion became the creation and design of the garments. Blessed with a keen eye for fashion, he rapidly drew his first patterns and made his first original models. Serge Ghnassia already knew what he didn’t want to become, another anonymous fur coat salesman. He became a manager of Mink, a public relations agent of Chinchilla, an artistic designer of Zibeline. Prolific in his work, he soon had a brand ready to be worn, MILADY, and a concept ready to exploit, High Furring.

In 1985, now director of MILADY, he saw the transition from workshop to retail, went to meet the client. There he learnt the codes and habits of the wealthy, learnt to understand their expectations, their impatience. He also learnt to appreciate their fidelity, a fidelity that rewards the craftsmanship of his brand, the exceptional and the unique. An obstinate man, Serge Ghnassia found himself appreciated by the most demanding and famous.

In 2000, as he turned 40, he bought the remaining shares from the family business. Writing with the ink of his experience, he began creating his screenplay, with Milady High Furring always the backdrop.

With the complicity of the finest furs, Mink, Zibeline, Chinchilla, Astrakhan or Lynx, his oldest friends, he perfects his art of creation and research to produce the best possible product. For Serge Ghnassia, Milady is the essence of his project, a high-end concept. It is for him a risky and expensive bet.

But fashion and zeitgeist came knocking at the door of Milady High Furring. The XXI Th century will be the century of furs if it is anything. The great fashion designers have decided it would be this way. The have, for their collections, found the path to creation using the most beautiful of fabrics: fur. Strong with the support of fashions most famous, of wealthy clients and of the craftsmanship of its director, Milady High Furring is now the renowned European leader in High Furring.

The inauguration of a second shop in Paris, in 2000 aimed at an even higher end clientele at the 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, can only confirm this position.

Milady Haute Fourrure est la seule marque capable de présenter autant de modèles réalisés dans les fourrures les plus prestigieuses telles que la zibeline, le chat-lynx ou le chinchilla.

Milady High Furring is the only brand capable of offering such a large collection of models made with the most prestigious furs. It is also one of the only shops capable of making bespoke pieces, but also of creating pieces born in the imagination of its clients. Milady High Furring is also in close collaboration with famous designers and interior architects to fit apartments, lodges and yachts with pieces specifically designed for each place. Milady High Furring has also been present for 10 consecutive years at the Cannes Cinema Festival, presenting over 200 models of the most recent collection at the mythical Carlton Hotel..

From the breeding of the animals in the best conditions to the coat presented in the shop, Milady High Furring is the advocate of excellence. The furs come from the best animal husbandries in the world. From the United-States for the Black Glama Mink (short and dense fur) to Finland and Denmark for the SAGA Mink (longer and softer fur) to Russia for the Bargouzine Zibeline and even from France where the shop has shown interest for local husbandries in Périgord, where the quality of the product never cease to get better.

Milady High Furring has also commissioned the best professional brokers to buy pelts in the great international auctions. The Seattle, Saint Petersburg or Copenhagen auctions are some of the inevitable meetings of the profession.

Milady High Furring regularly receives the Top Lots of the auctions, an award given for the most prestigious lots bought at the highest auction.

For Milady High Furring, this is the warranty of having access to quality of the highest international standard. The Pelts are then sent to be tanned and finished, to complete their transformation in a supple and beautiful product. Only the “Chambres Maîtres” can use these wonderful pelts for the manufacturing and realization of the Milady High furring furs. This constant strive towards excellence, guarantying the best possible quality at every step of the process, is the motto of Milady High Furring.

Milady High furring is a selection of furs chosen for their quality, their feel, their flexibility, their lightness, their elegance, their modernity and their comfort.