Luxury is eternal, timeless, like your fur.

The maintenance of your fur is the warranty of an almost infinite life. Because of this, do not hesitate to entrust your garment once a year to our workshops for a general revision, followed systematically by a period in a cold room.

Storage in cold room

Your fur garments will be stored in a cold room, with a constant hydrometer level, an essential conditions to warranty the return to original quality. Indeed, high heat or humidity are nefarious for furs and can deteriorate them. This service is available all year. The collection of the garment at your home is offered (only in Paris).

Cleaning and spa

Furs garment must be cleaned once a year by professionals. We use the best products to never risk deteriorating the beauty and flexibility of your fur. The Spa is a new process that can soften your furs in a revolutionary way. This process can prove to be especially effective on older garments as it can restore softness, flexibility, volume and shine.

Modifications and adjustements

Our workshop, under the supervision of our “chambres-maîtres”, will offer all the transformations that can beautify your fur. From a simple adjustment to a complete transformation, our workshop will know how to guide you and will carry out your projects with the finest craftsmanship. You will also be able to peruse our collection for a model that could inspire your transformation. This will also enable you to see the final result of the transformation. We also take in your reversible furs or pelisses.

Hand work on a Breiswantz astrakan

At work on a Mink Garment

Choosing the Chinchilla fur before measurments

Coats awaiting modification

Modified Garment

Delivery of Modified Garment to your home